Is my Builder doing the right thing?

Building Advocacy and Stage Inspections

Building a new home and ensuring the job is being done right is not for the faint of heart. A building advocate can be of tremendous value throughout the building process.

Building advocates assist both the consumer and the principle contractor (builder) to ensure construction and documentation align from the start of a building contract, during and right through to the end of the project.

Before signing any contract it is always advisable to have professional advice. This advice can often warn of disadvantages to either party that could end up in dispute.

An initial site inspection and perusal of contract documentation, working drawings and specifications by an experienced building professional can often identify discrepancies and incongruencies before the building process even starts.

Such an industry professional understands building principles that assist in visualising the necessary building process prior to the commencement of work onsite. The result of this expertise is procedural issues can often be foreseen.

A common example of such an issue is not having enough detail to working drawings or in specifications. Conflict during the building process is common and more often than not arises as a result of differing expectations.

If the paperwork is clear and correctly represents each party’s perspective, costly delays and dispute resolution can be avoided. It is always better for each party to be clear on agreements before signing a final agreement.

Employing an independent expert to regularly visit site during the building process is valuable to identify over sights at keys stages of construction. Issues at frame stage are very common and if detected prior to wall claddings and sheet linings being installed, can once again save both parties delays and costs.

Finally, handover inspections or pre settlement inspections (see blog article at http://twenty20bc.comau/blog/hand-over-inspection-anyone-can-do-them/ ) ensure peace of mind at the end of the project.

Building Advocates, Stage Inspections and report writing is now a regular part of the building industry that protects the consumer, assists the builder and ensures a smoother building process.

An experience industry professional such as a licensed and insured building and pest inspection company like Twenty20 Building Consultancy considers all of the above and your future.

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