Expert Services

Twenty20 Building Consultancy is not just an inspection company. With vast investment, development, site construction and building contract experience, Twenty20 Building Consultancy is well equipped to offer a range of additional services that are tailored to our clients individual circumstances.

Clients individual circumstances will generally fall into one of the following consultancy based services –

  • Specific Defect Inspection with Recommendations
  • Expert Witness Services
  • Building Dispute Resolution Matters

Specific Defect Inspection with Written Recommendations –

Twenty20 Building Consultancy offers building guidance such as reporting on one off specific or general concerns to both old and new buildings. Home owner concerns, general faults, maintenance advice, restoration planning, site considerations, safety issues are all regular duties requested for comment.

If it is to do with residential real estate or the building industry the guidance offered through this service often sheds new light and changed perspectives.

All report documentation relating to building defects compared onsite issues with best building practices and general industry expectations. Reporting will often reference governing material like QBCC policies and guides, such as the Standards and Tolerances document dated February 2016, industry material such as Framing Manuals, National Construction Codes, Building Standards, manufacturers / supplier guidelines and technical data documentation.

If you have building faults or concerns Twenty20 Building Consultancy is able to compile reports that will assist with the best approach to finding a suitable outcome.

Expert Witness and Court Services –

Disputes relating to defective or incomplete building work can occur at any time and interpreting building matters can become very complicated, particularly isolating contractual matters with defective building work . Often to sort out such a issues the matter will become legal.

If this happens experts maybe required to provide evidence that will support the adjudication process.

Suitable documentation and representation is often required to either assist an application or respond to an application made by the other party.

Twenty20 Building Consultancy does not shy away from such situations and can not only inspect and make sense of the situation but provide suitable documentation, appear at Conclave of Expert Consultations and even provide evidence under cross examination, if required.

Twenty20 Building Consultancy has attended matters to do with the Building and Construction Industry Payments Act (BCIPA) and appeared numerous times at the Queensland Civil and Administrations Tribunal (QCAT).

If you require a building expert, Twenty20 maybe able to assist to make your perspective clearer.

Building Dispute Resolution Matters –

Weather you are buying and looking to renovate, extend, create an addition, build from scratch or are already involved in a construction project, there is a strong likely hood an agreement or contract setting out what has to be done, will be required or is involved.

Unfortunately no matter how air tight this understanding appears, disputes or disagreements can still arise as expectations can often differ.

Twenty20 Building Consultancy provides a very pragmatic approach to understanding and assisting both parties in situations such as these.

In general Twenty20 Building Consultancy is a building advice and guidance company with the view in mind to enable our clients and all parties to make better informed decisions with respect to any building related matter within both the construction and real estate industries.

With formal Building Qualifications, QBCC Licensing and 25 years Practical Onsite Technical Knowledge and Building Contract Experience, Twenty20 Building Consultancy is able to offer industry correct advice and options that often have not been considered.

This is because with our Onsite Building and Inspection back ground we are able to identify exactly what is right or wrong from a building perspective and facilitate through “evidence based” comprehensively written explanations the pros and cons of the situation.

From a factual and non-bias perspective both parties are then often able to sensibly negotiate compromise and find supportive outcomes for all involved.

As part of this approach we may become involved to support a part of or the entire conflict resolution process. Such duties and skills include but are not necessarily limited to:

  • Attempted mediation / conciliation sessions available – utilizing formal life coach qualifications / techniques and skills to often gain a thorough understanding of the desired outcomes required by all parties involved.
  • Practical technical building advice and recommendation that form sensible solutions for any situation for builders, trade contractors and consumers with a win / win attitude to facilitate new formal understandings and written agreements.
  • Advocacy roles with the view to create clear and reasonable documentation – I.E- New Heads of Agreement Understandings.

Twenty20 Building Consultancy regularly assists the general public (homeowners and property investors), industry professionals (builders and trade contractors) from interstate, overseas and locally to find satisfaction in often very emotionally charged situations.

With our practical technical building guidance expertise we offer a different kind of support for people in conflict that provides real alternatives to resolving disputes and costly drawn out legal proceedings.

Let Twenty20 Building Consultancy assist you in removing the emotional charge from your dynamic to facilitate positive outcomes.